Show Your Weird (Original Painting)

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Artwork Title: Show Your Weird (#10)
Medium: Watercolor, Posca, Colour Pencils + Lots of Love
Size: 19cm x 11.5cm
There is a 10% off because 10% of proceeds were for charity fundraising during the official exhibition.

This is part of a series called "Fat Boy Collective" where a little fat boy is giving a pep talk to its audience and hopes that it will speak to their hearts whenever they see it. The work has been exhibited at Pameran Poskad 2018, from 15 June to 24 June at ION Art Gallery.

"Show Your Weird" is an artwork of coming out of the closet and embracing that #loveislove. The artist wants to show that it is okay to be the odd-one-out, and it is okay to show it. Two fat boys are hand drawn in the image as they celebrate their weirdness.

There is only ONE of this artwork in the whole world. There will be no reproductions and no prints sold.

The painting comes with:
- Certificate of Authencity (spelt like this for a reason)
- Artist's Notes
- Artist's Gratitude Letter
- Miscellaneous Collectibles